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About Us


Our mission is to provide access to excellent coffee to as many people as possible. 

About Us

Lamtika coffee is the penultimate result of a worldwide search and dedication towards excellent coffee. Birthed from the desire to make quality coffee more readily available. Lamtika's coffee roaster (Kim Kennelly) Has been roasting since 1992.


However, the idea of Lamtika coffee was birthed during a visit to Ethiopia between December 1991 and February 1992. While living amongst the Banna tribespeople at a village called Alduba in Southern Ethiopia, Kim visited a local market and saw some green beans lying on a blanket laid out on the red sandy ground. That day Kim bought all 4 kilograms of raw green coffee beans. After roasting and grinding the coffee, he placed the beans into a french press and added hot water. After 4 minutes, he pressed the coffee. Lifting the coffee cup to his lips and taking a sip of the black liquid, the first thing he realized was that this was the best coffee he had ever tasted.

How could this be? What were coffee shops around the world selling? Bitter/Burnt tasting mud puddle water.

So began the quest which launched Kim on a 25-year adventure to discover what makes a great coffee. The penultimate result of this search and dedication is our very own LAMTIKA coffee.

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